Greenamber heres the new album as mp3s
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The tracks on this album were recorded live in 2 days at livingstone studios in north london, then edited and overdubbed at home for a couple of months then mixed in 2 days. there are another 10 songs from the session but 14 out of 24 isn't bad we will be finishing some of the others so watch this space.
sedimentary rock laid down like a slow unstoppable force of nature

A long time in the making - the simplest of links - mp3s of Greenamber for you to enjoy

1. party

2. guided by a fool

3. within you

4. tell me

5. your turn now

6. wheres your dottir

7. rythym

8. you and i

9. last chance

10. games

11. friday nite

12. solitude

13. she sweeps the streets

14. river

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